Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday present!!

I got my first birthday present!  Very sneaky present I might add!  My lovely friend Traci got me this:

GORGEOUS hand carved crochet hook. 

I'd seen it at the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs back in September and was admiring it.  She apparently bought it when I had my back turned and gifted it to me for my birthday. 

It's so pretty I'm almost afraid to use it.  Almost.  I'll definitely use it, but it will NOT go in the bag with all my other hooks.  This one will be put somewhere special.  I don't know where yet, though. 

Thanks Traci!  I so love it.


  1. Anytime hun! <3 you!

    Happy early birthday.

  2. So pretty! Maybe it needs a shadowbox frame to go on your mantel!

  3. what a beautiful hook for a fantastic hooker ;)

    I had a wonderful pine one and I bought it but ended up hating the very end of it because the person who made it made the ridges sharp and it rubbed my hand funny then somehow by accident that very end piece broke off. I was upset that my hook broke but then realized it really felt better in my hand so its all good. LOL

    Happy Birthday! :)