Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On Directing

It's been some time since I've directed.  Just as I was thinking "Man I kinda miss directing" we came up short for directors for our next 3 in 30 late night series at MadLab.  So I'm directing a short 8 page show that goes up next weekend.

I'm suddenly remembering what I hate most about directing.  Casting.  I still have 2 male roles to cast and no one will do them.  And I can't just step into these roles.  Grrrrrr

Cabfare is up and running.  We had great crowds opening weekend.  And we're all having fun with this show.  It's such a relief to be doing a fun show again, after all the dramatic shows and the offstage drama with that other show. 

Other theatre news, Brendan was appointed the new Technical Director of MadLab Theatre!  So that's exciting news.  And means I'll see less of him.  Heh.  He's excited though, and it's a good thing for everyone involved.

I guess that's really all things theatre right now.


  1. Go Bren! Tell him I say congrats! I miss doing theatre, but with money being tight, and Brad working weird hours anymore, it'd be next to impossible to do anything :( I'm living vicariously through you my friend!

  2. Congrats to both of you. Hope your show is a great success!!