Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hair Donation

As most of you probably know already, I've been growing out my hair for about 3 years now.  My plan is to donate it.  I've decided to wait until the weather gets warm again, to get a tad more length to it and keep my neck warm until spring.  Hee hee.    (I currently have about 12 inches to give!!  Imagine 14-15!!)

Anyway, I'm researching different companies and charities now.  I wanted to have a little call out and see if any of my other long-haired friends out there may want to join my in this little project, while there is still time to think it over/grow some more inches.  

I'll probably also take in monitary donations to send along with my locks, so if you don't have the tresses to spare, maybe you could give some spare dollars to the cause. 

So if you think you may want to be part of this, give me an email, text, phone call, whateves.  Thanks for listening!!


  1. I know I will be doing the same thing, post-nuptials. So count me in! I've donated twice before to locks of love through Charles Penzone. It felt really great!

  2. Cool! Let me know when you're ready to do this and I'll pitch in what I can (obviously NOT hairwise...).

  3. here's a website that has some places you can donate:

    interestingly, here's a section on the cons of donating to Locks of Love:
    I'd heard before that they don't use all the hair (sell some of it to pay for their cost to have the wigs made), and that they don't give them away for free, but rather charge on a sliding scale. but this goes a little more in depth.

    also, a bunch of places won't take hair that's been colored (it looks like only LoL and Children With Hair Loss, though Hair That Cares doesn't specify)

  4. I just measured mine and I have about 8" I can donate at this point already, so by spring I should be good to go :) I have dyed it recently though, so we can only do one of the ones where that's okay.

  5. I'm thinking of going with Pantene's Beautiful Lengths!

    Thanks everyone! I'm so excited!