Monday, September 27, 2010


The pre-opening/tech week nightmares have started. Every single show I have EVER done, I have those dreams in the days prior to opening night where I've lost my costume, forgot all my lines, or the show suddenly got changed to My Fair Lady.

I've had 2 now of the forgotten lines. Either myself or the other cast members. But then the costume change fiasco came into the dream.

The show I'm in right now (side note/shameless plug; COME SEE IT!!! is a collection of one acts by the same playwright and I'm in 3 of them. They're spread out in the night though, which is helpful, so I'm not rushing from one to the next show. However in the dream last night apparently one of the shows was moved and came right after another one so I had about 30 seconds to change into an entirely different costume. I believe I ran on for the first scene in the second show with only half the costume on. Heh.

Thankfully I'm not alone on these dreams, it seems like everyone I know who acts has them too.

My brain is exhausted.

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