Thursday, September 2, 2010

Destashing: Complete!

I went through and got rid of about a third of my yarn. That’s better than nothing. I was good too. I kept catching myself saying “Well maybe I MIGHT use this…” NO!!! It’s stuff I’ll NEVER use! And besides, if for some reason I need some inexpensive acrylic yarn…well it’s inexpensive so I can go get some gold old fashioned Red Heart for $3 at JoAnns.
Here’s my good-bye bag.

It looks small, don’t let that fool you.  I forgot to put something in the photo for size reference.  Well my sewing machine in the background there, and you can clearly see it's overflowing.  And there's a couple skeins behind it too.  Either way my niece said she’d take some free yarn for projects to work on this winter and this kind of yarn is perfect for beginners.  I think she thinks I’m only giving her a couple skeins.  Hopefully she’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Now, to find something fabulous to make with my hand dyed silk/wool blend.  Good lord this stuff of soft.  And soooo gorgeous.....


  1. I am so jealous of your silk!!!!

  2. Oooooohhhhh that's some pretty yarn. I love the colors!

  3. That silk blend is definitely worth destashing for - beautiful! I recently got rid of many bags of weird novelty yarns, but I'm still hanging on to some of the acrylic stuff.

  4. Thanks everyone. Yeah I do love that silk yarn. Working with it right now in fact! :)

    I did save a little bit of acrylic. Just not so dang much of it. It's GREAT for amigurumis and other stuff.