Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Craft Anxiety

So I started cranking out some more of my Yip Yip aliens for this craft fair next month. I figured they would sell very well, and I wanted to make sure I had plenty. So, with that I then thought “shoot, my hats are great too, I really should make more of those too” so I started a couple hats. That turned into “Slouch hats are really in, I should crank out some of those too.”

Now I’ve worked myself into crochet-panic. I want to get at least 30 aliens and 20 hats and maybe another 10 slouch hats…..

This is insane. Given the sheer amount of crap I already have made…. I don’t need to make ANYTHING ELSE. And it’s only ONE DAY! Sheesh!! Tell me to stop this!!! Ugh.

Well I really do need to make more aliens, but thankfully they only take like 45 minutes to make. And I DO have like 6 and a half weeks.

Breathe Nikki…..breathe…..


  1. Ok...Stop this!!! LOL! Seriously...deep breaths. :-) BTW, I'd love to see the aliens. :-)

  2. Sounds like a request I can fulfill easily. I'll take a photo of my army of aliens tonight.
    (But in the meantime there's a photos of them on my Ravelry porjects page.)

  3. LOL - step away from the crochet hooks!

    OK, thinkaboutit - can just a sample of each suffice?

    Love the sound of those aliens - scampering off to stalk your Rav profile...

  4. I still say that scarf pattern you did a couple posts ago is really pretty and you would probably sell them. and didn't you do some purses? or those little stuffed shapes like you gave Mo's boy.....

    also, if you could manage a couple of sweaters....even if you don't sell any there, if you have cards someone might get one later.

    I think variety in a craft booth is a good thing. you don't want to have a million different things, obviously, cuz then people would get too overloaded, but if all you have is 50 each of only 3 different things, then people may pass you by.

  5. I totally agree Linders. I'm only going to have manybe 4 different types of things, and jsut get a lot of each.

    I'd love to make a ton of those scarves, but I'll probably only have time for 2 or 3. They're easy as pie, but take some time to work on.

    And thank you for reminding me I need to print more business cards!!