Thursday, August 19, 2010


We're currently on vacation in the tiny state of Connecticut. Well it feels tiny to me anyway, but it's honestly not all that small. Well, that's beside the point.

Bren's birthday was Tuesday, and this is my birthday present to him. His family lives here so we're staying with them. It's been a great vacation thus far. Relaxing and fun filled as well. Spent some time at the beach, saw some old haunted buildings, had a picnic with the family, and oddly enough, met up with some friends from back home in Ohio that just happened to be in Rhode Island this week!

We're headed up to Boston and Salem tomorrow so I can see the witch museums, etc and meet up with an old friend of Bren's that lives in Boston.

No, I'm not vacationing from crochet though. Been working on a sweater in down time and during the looooong car trip out here and back. I should have it done relatively soon though.

I'm taking tone of photos and should have those posted when I get back.

We're having a blast, but I do really miss Yuna back home. A friend of mine is watching her, so she's in good hands, but I still miss her.


  1. Who's Luna?
    Sounds like an interesting vacation, particularly Boston; so much history there.
    Car travel is a great time to knit or crochet; as long as it's not a complicated pattern that requires loads of concentration. lol
    Left you link here to my travel blog, thought you might enjoy it.

  2. Yuna. She's my baby girl kitty. She was so insanely happy to see us come home last night!

  3. I'll be interesting in hearing about the haunted house in CT. In researching my family history, I learned I have a distant cousin who is supposedly now a ghost somewhere in CT. The things you learn! LOL!