Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation for vacation

Getting ready for vacation kinda sucks. I swear you need to take a couple days off to get ready and then take a couple days off to recuperate afterwards. And aside from it all you’re just so f-ing excited to be taking a vacation you can’t concentrate on much else.

I’ve been running ragged at work in general. And now this week add in prepping for my week off next week, trying to train a new employee on doing my job while I’m gone. And naturally everyone is freaking out already and insisting I do everything now!!! (I'm leaving for a week, not forever.)

And of course aside from work kicking my butt, there is a show opening tomorrow night at the theatre so we’re been scrambling there quite a bit. Granted I’m not really involved in this set of shows, so it’s not killing me too much, but Bren is tech directing and directed one of the one acts. So he’s had no time at all.

Regardless, we’re almost there. 1 more day and we’re OUTTA HERE!!

Plan to see copious photos.

I’m taking my favorite cardigan pattern and yarn with me, so I should come back with tons of pictures and a new sweater to wear. *grin*

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  1. Woo-hoo! Happy vacation! I hate all the prep that goes into going on vacation, too.