Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spooky Story

I had to share this one. It's probably nothing. So if nothing else it's a great story.

I was in the kitchen, chatting with Bren's mom and sister the other night. They were recounting an event that happened a few weeks ago when Bren's nephew nearly drowned. (Thankfully he is ok) Basically he'd fallen in the neighbor's Koi pond. Through a series of unusual events, Bren's mom happened to come over just in time to see him floating in the pond and get him pulled out. Again, he's ok.

His mom and sister were telling me that Bren's great-grandma who lived in this house we're staying in (house has been in the family for YEARS) used to always carry around this change purse full of coins. She's rattle it and whatnot. But since she'd passed many years ago, they are always finding dimes in places that coins just should not be. And typically after strange events that should have ended poorly but did not.

The day after the near drowning they found a dime sitting neatly on the side of the pond where they pulled Bren's nephew out. They shared plenty of other stories of the dimes showing up in places and ways that said she's still watching out for them.

Typically I brush things like this off as family stories and just quaint little lore to share with the kids. But that night I got chills all over my body. Why? After our first night staying here I found one lone dime sitting right smack on the top of my suitcase.


  1. clearly, grandma approves! :-p

  2. That's a cool story. I sometimes have very strong feelings about things I can't quite describe and do believe in spirits; that we're not here by ourselves so to speak.

    Wondered if you'd perhaps you'd add my blog badge and link to your blog to help spread the need for more helping hands with knitting needles and crochet hooks?


  3. Cool story! I totally believe in communication from the spiritual realm.