Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Field Trip

I took a field trip today with one of my yarncrafting groups.  We went to the YarnMarket warehouse.  Yarmarket is a worldwide (I think?) online store, and their warehouse is out in Pickerington.  They're not open like a store, but they do open for groups if you schedule it way in advance.

So today we went.  Before I go into why I left with tears, allow to to describe it as best I can without pictures.  (I didn't think to take any)  It's a warehouse.  A relatively big one at that.  With racks floor to ceiling of yarn.  More yarn than I have seen in one place ever.  A veritable shit ton, if you will. Room after room of rack and more racks filled with bins and more bins.  Seriously, people there was more yarn than I can describe here.  YARN!!!!!  All organized alphabetically by manufacturer and then within by type and them by color.  (My OCD self wept with joy)

I thought I was being smart going in with 2 projects in mind, knowing exactly what color and size and yardage I needed.  That ended up narrowing it down to like.... oh 75 choices per project.  I finally gave in and asked for help, and you know I never ask for help.  But after a small panic attack and some tears I decided I was NOT leaving there empty handed.

The nicest woman ever helped me out a bit.  Thank god.  So anyway I left with this (for a hooded cowl I'm making for myself):

It's so soft I could cry.  So friggin soft and warm.  Very warm.   I think I'm pretty well in love with this yarn.  Yes.  I'd like to name it and give it it's own birthday and celebrate it every year.  I may sleep each night cuddling it.

Anyway, I texted my friend Traci to let her know what the trip was like and she felt bad I was so overwhelmed and invited me to meet her up at Knitter Mercantile.   I did.  And I got all this:

And a size P hook, which somehow I've been missing.

The gray is for a cardigan I'm making.  It's a nice heather gray with flecks of pink, green, blue, purple, etc.    The teal stuff... no idea, but it was cheap and there's a crap ton of it.  The stuff at the bottom I'm going to make a scarf/shawl type thing with.  It's very wispy and kind of spider web like when worked up.  And has flecks of sparkly in it.  Hee hee.  That one was a splurge, but I love it.

So anyway that was my emotionally draining day so far.  Heh.  But now I'm all geeked out and want to spend the rest of my day crocheting.  Squee!  After a quick nap.


  1. I'm glad I could help..........and get awesome yarn in the process.

  2. I'm literally sitting here on the couch with my laptop and all the yarn around me.

    I'm two steps away from rolling naked in it.

  3. Awwww...I feel awful that I didn't take your hand and lead you up and down the aisles...old YM veteran that I am. Please know my first visit was just as overwhelming, as was my second (compounded by the fact that I came within inches of being road pizza on my way there). YM is never a dull experience!

    I think ALL your yarn choices are splendid and especially can't wait to see the grey in person. Would that sparkly yarn from The Merc happen to be the always awesome Gossamer??????

  4. It's quite alright, Laurie. I think I needed to go through that overwhelming feeling once, to get it out of the way. Heh.

    It most certainly IS Gossamer. :D I plan to use a very large hook with it and make something light and loose. So many projects, so little time!