Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another quick fun project

I'd posted last week about the mobius strip project.  I've finished 2 now and these things are amazing!  It's super easy and works up very quickly.  And best yet, you don't have to use the stitch they recommend, you can use whatever the heck you want!  And it's easy for crochet or knitting.  As long as you have the basic concept down, it's just working around and around and around until it's as big or as small as you want it to be!

So anyway, here are some photos of the finished product.

2010.08 hooded cowl
2010.08 hooded cowl2
2010.08 hooded cowl3

I used that green yarn I was so excited about too. I plan to wear it all friggin' winter long. :D


  1. That's your green yarn from Yarnmarket? It looks great!!! I love doing mobiuses (mobiuii??).

  2. It is! I love it so!

    Mobian? Mobiei? Hee hee