Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A theatre update

I had my first audition in nearly a year this past Saturday. I thought it went VERY well, and was very pleased with my audition. I always audition TERRIBLY but the last few I've had have gotten better. I'm still no pro and not that great, but I've definitely improved. Anyway; I must have done pretty well because I was cast. :)

The show runs September 30-October 23rd. It's called "Cabfare for the Common Man." It's a collection of short 1 act plays by Mark Harvey Levine. I'm in at least 2 of them, and possibly another. 1 main one and then small parts in some of the others. There's a bit of crossover with actors in these shows.

I've enjoyed taking a break from theatre and plan to continue to keep things light and only do a couple shows a year.  And this one, being one acts, I should only need to be rehearsing 2 days a week.  Whew!

Rest assured more details will come closer to the show.