Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hiding under a tree

It's been a hot, hot weekend.  And yet so wonderful.  Friday night we went up to Comfest a little and hung out with some friends, ate, shopped the booths a little.  Came home kinda early, watched some TV and passed out.

Both slept in a lot on Saturday, as we both needed it apparently.  Then took our time getting up and having breakfast and went back to Comfest for the day.  It was so brutally hot and sunny.  (We donned the spf70.  Yes Bren bought me spf 70.  I love him so.)  Yesterday was more lazy as it was too hot to do a lot.  Later when the sun wasn't as brutal we made our way around to see more bands perform and people watch.  All in all it was a great day.

Came home kinda early as we were hot and tired.  Decided to grab a late dinner so we walked about 3/4 a mile to our favorite restaurant.  On the way back it was lighting and rumbling a lot.  A lot.  As we got to Schiller Park a downpour hit.  And I mean DOWNPOUR.  Sheets of rain.  We rant to a giant tree and kind of huddled under the trunk of it and stayed kinda dry until it passed.  As soon as it let up enough we ran the rest of the way home and got in just as the rains picked up again.  I thanked the Lord for that!!

Today, at church I sang in the service and met a few new people.  This lady sat with me at breakfast and we got to chatting.  She seemed well.  Possibly homeless, but I'm not sure.  Either way she was very sweet, and kinda nice to talk to, even though she wasn't always making a ton of sense.  At some point she was mumbling a bit but I heard her say Ridgewood Elementary.  I perked up and told her that's where I went for 1 of my elementary school years.  She asked if I knew a Mrs. Olingher.  I laughed, as that was my only teacher I had there!!  Turns out this lady is my 6th grade teacher's sister.   Small, small world!!

Anyway, came home and took a massive nap and now I'm chillin with the cat deciding where to go to do laundry today.   Someone, please buy us a washer and dryer.  I hate laundromats.

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  1. You're always welcome to bring your laundry and do it here for free and hang out with me and Zach in the meantime :)