Saturday, June 12, 2010

A fun-craft-filled Saturday

Today was one of the days of "World Wide Knit (and crochet) In Public Day! A local group hosted a gathering at Polaris today and I went with Traci .  I had a really dang good time! We met some fellow Ravelers from, and just all over met some nice folk. And, of course, crocheted.

Took a couple photos:

Got some great work done on my dragon, which I'm almost halfway done with.

Then Traci and I and the boys hung out at Dave and Busters for a bit, played some games and had lunch.

Went to Schiller Park tonight to see Treasure Island with my parents. However it started raining 20 minutes in and they canceled, so we all went to Mohawk instead and had some beers and nachos. All over a full but very fun day.

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  1. I had a blast, I'm glad we all got together.