Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beading onto a chain - Tutorial

I'm adding beads to the edging on a shawl I'm doing, and I figured, why not write up a tutorial on adding beads?

Anyhoo, it's super-duper easy.  This particular edging is simple chains.  (specifically sc, ch5, sk 3 sp, sc, with a bead in the middle of the ch5)

So, to start off, you need beads (obviously) that will fit onto the yarn doubled once.  So make sure you get beads with a large enough hole for the yarn.   You also need about a 6 inch piece of wire, slightly smaller than the yarn, bent in half.

I apologize for how obscenely tiny this wire is, thread sized.  Which is a bit too thin for this particular project, but it was all I had at home.

Now, sc into the first space and chain 2.  Remove your hook and pull the loop out about an inch or so, for some room to play with it.

Take the wire and thread it through the loop.  Then thread the bead onto the wire ends at the top.

Slide the bead down onto the loop of yarn, then reinsert your hook into the loop over the bead

Then continue crocheting 2 more chains and sc into next desired space.


And there you have lovely beading in your crochet.  :)

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