Monday, May 10, 2010

The Shawl, part 4. And some theatre stuff

Ok still chugging along here.  I’d say I’m about halfway done.  I have some status photos here.  Although, it’s really hard to see what this will look like since it’s going to need blocked badly.  So, here’s the pre-blocked and very lumpy halfway through project.  Heh

I kinda barely stretched it a little here so you get the idea.  Although not really.  It'll look a lot smoother and nicer once it's blocked.  I hope....

On the theatre front; my next show is up and running.  Opening night was Saturday, and it felt good.  The one review was kinda…. Not really a review.  He didn’t seem to like it, but didn’t have anything to say about it at all.  I’m having some fun with this show; it’s been awhile since I’ve done something dramatic, and I’m loving it again.  Well 1 down,  3 more shows to go.


  1. okay....dumb question coming from a self-taught crocheter....

    what's blocking?

    the shawl looks great, though!!

  2. Not a dumb question at all!!!! I only jsut learned about it recently, and this will be my first time. Us self-taught folk don't usually know these tricks.

    You know how sometimes a finished project looks kinda lumpy and doesn't lay right? Blocking more or reshapes it to give it a nice polished look. You basically stretch out your project and pin it to something (usually a block of wood, hence "blocking") and steam the hell out of it.

    Here's a good before and after pictures: (Look all through that thread!, tons of pictures

    Google it, it's friggin fascinating!