Monday, May 24, 2010

The house is officially warm

Party went very well.  Bren and I agree it was quite successful.  :)  Thanks to folks for coming out!!!  We had a lot of food, and quite a bit left over which is just fine.   It'll feed us at least until tomorrow.

It was nice to have folks over to see the new place and hang out in the yard.  Huge thanks to the Hickman’s for letting us use their fire pit thing so we could have a nice little fire after dark.  We need to get one for ourselves to use.  I just love hanging out by a fire.

In craft news, I was not accepted to Comfest, but I wasn’t really expecting to be.  I’m not broken hearted about it.  Just wondering what the hell to do with this giant tub full of finished stuff though.  Heh.  I’m sure it will find homes eventually, I'm not too worried.  Maybe if I ever get off my ass and promote my website and get a paypal program for it, so people can actually buy things online.

Also, I am just a couple short man hours away from being done with the 1 year afghan I’ve been making for Bren and me.  After this; NO MORE BLANKETS!  Ugh, they are a huge time/money killer and a pain in my rear.  It only took me so long because it was really my "in between projects" project.  And I really dislike making blankets, so I took long breaks from working on it.  Regardless, I’ll post pictures of this one when it’s done for sure.

Hope all is well!

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