Friday, April 9, 2010

tiny crochet

I always said there's no way I'd have the patience to sit still and make a doily or anything chrocheted from thread or the smallest yarn.  Well, being cast in a show set in the Victorian era changed that right quick.

I wanted to make gifts for my fellow cast members and director, and I have a TON of this antique white crochet thread.  So here they are.

Bookmarks.  I thought about jewelry, but a lot of the folks in the cast and especially the director are big readers, and these patterns were a TON of fun.

Here's a couple close ups

I hope they like them.  Shhhh, it's a surprise!


  1. Those are incredible girlie! You are so good at that! And do any of them read this blog? LOL

  2. LOL, no they don't. I barely know most of them. The others are not big blog folk. I'm not sure they know this one even exists.