Thursday, April 15, 2010

Performance Update


The new place is settling in quite nicely.  Looking really nice actually.  Bren is very pleased with how homey it’s looking.  We can’t wait to have folks over.  Next month when things are calmer, we promise.

Speaking of stress and busy-ness.  The first of my two shows opens tomorrow.  I admit I’m very nervous, but that’s my own problem, just my usual worrying about lines.  The show itself is really coming together and actually looking quite nice.  The script was written in 1916 and we’re performing is as such.  It’s a story of two very classy ladies meeting after many years, both obviously jealous of and wanting something from, the other.  Meanwhile their two Ids are hanging about, unseen to the other, prompting them and shouting their true inner feelings.  I am one of the Ids.  So, I get to be in my wheelhouse of comic relief and goofy character acting, which is kind of nice.  And I get to wear period costume, which has been awhile.  : )

The dates and times are on my website. under “performance calendar”.

Then, after this closes just about a week and my next one opens.  Fire, one of the 12 one acts in MadLab’s annual Theatre Roulette.  More on that later.  (I’m teasing I know)

Now, to leave you with this.  My newest crochet pattern find that I can tell is a new favorite.  I’ll be making lots of these little guys.  They’re super easy and QUICK to make.  And just impossibly adorable.

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