Monday, March 8, 2010

A weekend of food and babies

Had a good and quasi-full weekend of visiting and eating.  Too much eating, but oh well.

Spent time on Friday with my godson.  Here he is the cute little devil.  (Wearing the hat I made for him.)

Oh my lord the face he is making just kills me!!  Too cute.

It was fun to hang with Tori and Brad again, haven’t seen them in a bit.  And I know Tori enjoyed seeing other adults for a bit.  :P

Spent Saturday partly alone to soothe some serious depression and a little mix of some unresolved anger.  Calmed that down and then hung with my parents, which was much needed.

After church on Sunday had brunch with some friends and chatted quite awhile.  Cleaned up at home and headed out for dinner with Morgan and Chris and their little monkey.  Oh he is just precious.  He’s rolling over a bit on his own now and is just adorable.

My dear friend Jenn is out of the hospital.  She’s doing ok, but really needs a lot of prayers/positive vibes and thoughts.  Lots of love to her.

Hope everyone else is well.


  1. Yes, adult conversation is good. Oddly enough, we still managed to talk about poop just as much.... :)