Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy National Craft and Crochet Month!!!

I’ve got lots of new stuff on my website, I'm adding a lot lately.  Honestly, I'm trying to stock up for Comfest!  I'm planning to get a booth with a couple friends.  and MadLab also offered to split space with me and split the cost as well!  How awesome is that?

I'm trying to make lots of these guys.  They're insanely popular and folks just love them.

Also, here's a few other things I've pumped out recently.

I tried my first hooded scarf.  I'm not very happy with it though.  But it's just my own personal taste, I just don't like how far forward the hood comes.  It looks very bonnet-like.  I'm sure others may love it.

Made this neat cowl:

I like this one a lot.  I'm sure I'll try more in the future.

I've also made a ton of these guys in all sorts of fun colors:

I've got tons of funky buttons too, which make these even more nifty!

I'm also super proud of this hat:

Although I was told the gold and burgundy were a little "Harry Potter".  Heh, oops.

Either way being done with Godspell has left me lots of time to create some super fun things.  I'm excited to see how well things sell this summer at Comfest.  Stop by and say hello!  :)

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  1. I meant to say the other night when I saw you that I loved your hat.

    you should maybe try making some amigurumi, too. it'll be popular with all the new hip parents that are popping up these days. I've got some patterns I've copied out of books that don't seem too hard and there's some good ones on lion brand's site.