Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm still kicking!

Barely.  I'm starting to get that angst/depressed thing going on from the weather.  I'm really, really done with snow.  If I didn't have a job to go to every day.... I rue the thought.

Anyhoo, Godspell is going amazingly well.  We soldout a couple nights this weekend, and the audiences are LOVING the show!!!  We had to cancel our performance tonight sadly, due to the weather.  But we're already sold out 2 nights next weekend and very close to selling out another night.  My family came on Saturday.  They seemed to love it.  I kept thinking MomSharon would have LOVED this show.

Naturally now that the show is open I'm starting to get a cold.  I'm fighting it as best I can.  Given that we now have tonight off and I have the next 2 nights off, it's lots of sleeping for me.  Lots of fluids and vitamin C and zinc as well.  Unfortunately I can't completely avoid stress because I still have to work and I can't control the weather which stresses me too.  But I'm trying to stay as chill as possible.

Speaking of which my couch, my kitty and a crochet project are all calling me.  I hope all  is well with everyone.

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