Friday, January 22, 2010

At least it's not the mean reds

Godspell rehearsals are zooming along.  It feels like we just started, but we’re halfway through the process already.  Panic is slowly setting in.  And the usual existential crisis.

I’ve put on some weight again and I’m pretty frustrated with myself.  I’ve been getting back into the groove again and lost 2 pounds thus far.  It’s been difficult getting back into my exercise routines though.  I have VERY limited time with rehearsals and I’ve been so unbelievably tired lately.  I’m starting to worry a bit about how tired I’ve been.  Not to mention I’ve been sick twice within the last month and I almost never get sick anymore. 

All in all; I’m in a pretty serious winter funk.  And we’re not even halfway through winter yet. 

* sigh *

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