Thursday, December 10, 2009

An update of sorts

Made a few more sales for my crafty- goodness and just got another request online. My hats seem to be selling more than anything else so I may need to buckle down and start making more of those. Thankfully they're pretty easy to make, I can pretty much throw one together in a couple of hours. So that's exciting.

I made a pair of socks for the first time. Quite honestly, I likely won't make them again. I could not find a good pattern anywhere that made any sense so I kinda had to wing it and it was incredibly frustrating. But my friend that wanted them said she absolutely loves them, which made me feel a lot better.

So I'll have a busy winter it looks like. I gotta really get moving and boost up my stock of stuff so I can be ready for Comfest this summer. Hopefully Traci and some others will still be in for sharing a booth. It's aways away yet, but I have no idea how much I might sell in one weekend with the kind of traffic Comfest pulls. I'd rather have too much than not enough. So, I'll have to put aside that blanket I've been working on for myself for a bit.

Oh, I had a mini-audition thingy last night and I'm doing the real thing Saturday for Godspell.  The director saw me in Broadway Christmas Carol last year and begged me to come audition.  She said I "rocked the house out!" and wanted me to come audition for her show.  It just so happens Godspell is one of my faves and I've always wanted to do it and never had the chance, and her concept for this one really interests me.  (No stupid clowns or hippies here!!)  It's going to be more like a rock show, so I'd be able to really show off my lungs.  So hopefully I'll be cast in this one.  Fingers crossed.  I was enjoying my break from theatre for a bit, but I'm a serious sucker for musicals.  Serious, serious sucker.

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  1. My fingers will be crossed for you too! I haven't seen Godspell in a while and I'd love to see you sing in person for a change! ;)