Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meeting Crispin Glover

Last night.  We met Crispin Glover.  First; the picture.

Tee hee.

Ok, on with it. So naturally when he walked out on stage, the first thing that popped into m head was "you are my density!" I couldn't help it. He started the night with his slide show which was simply pages from his books that he narrated. But he didn't just read the pages and talk about it. His presentation was amazing. He TOLD the stories. His books and all the wild gestures make it VERY entertaining. This was by far, my favorite part of the night. Well, actually something else happened.

Every now and then, near the beginning of the show, he'd stop reading and just look into the audience at one particular area. It was to my left and behind. I thought maybe he was looking at the person changing the slides or something. Then finally he stopped and just stared for about 15 seconds. I thought maybe there was a problem with the slides and he was getting mad. He walked out into the audience and right up to a girl sitting about 2 rows behind me (I learned later she was texting through the entire show thus far) ripped her cell phone out of her hands and said " need to stop that." walked back up to the stage and gave her phone to a stage hand and said "do something with this." The resumed as though nothing had happened. It was SOOOO awesome! HAH!!

So after he presented his books he received thunderous applause and then began the film. I was surprised at the number of immature jerks in the audience, given it was a college campus. A few jerks behind us were snickering and giggling like 12 year old freaks through most of it. It put me off a bit, but I was still able to get into the movie.

The film "It's Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE!" was pretty great. Definitely takes some thinking. It's not just a sit and watch movie. Then he did the Q&A. but he was so distracted and had a lot of trouble answering questions. Apparently he always shows the films in 35 mm and Oberlin did not have a 35 mm projector. (Which seems really stupid since it was presented BY A FILM SCHOOL! Seriously?) Anyway, in showing the film digitally, a reel was missing, so there was a chunk of the movie we didn't get to see. And he was really distraught by this and worried about the missing digital information. But he got though. Sadly over half the packed-to-capacity auditorium had left by this point so there weren't a lot of questions.

Then he was out in the lobby for book signing and one on one chats. He was very strict that people waiting in line were at least 20 feet away so he could talk privately to each person who came up to him. He was super super nice, albeit a little odd. And REALLY thin. He shook hands with Bren and I and talked to us for a few and let Bren take my picture with him. Which I've made painfully obvious. Hee hee.

So that's about it. We got home about 1:45 from the drive back to town and passed out.

The End.

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