Sunday, November 29, 2009

Long Weekend

Um…. Yup.  Long weekend.  4 whole days.  So let’s see…


Typical traditional Thanksgiving with the fam.  My lovely Bren joined us along with his roommate Mike.  We stuffed ourselves silly with food, watched some movies, played a lot of pool, poker, and games.  I taught my niece to crochet and she LOVES it!!  I’m so glad.  She’s home a lot with nothing to do and she doesn’t like TV.  (Sound familiar?)  So she reads a lot, but now she’s excited to have something else to do!  She picked up on it SOOOO quick to.  Obviously, I’m super proud.  She wants a bunch of yarn and hooks for Christmas.  : )


Slept in.  A lot.  It was so wonderful.

I got to meet Dominic Gabriel, the new lovely son of my dear friend and her wife.  He is just precious.  It warmed every inch of my soul to see such a beautiful and happy family.

Then laid around watching movies all evening with Bren.


Slept in again, but not quite as late.

Ran some errands then spent the day hanging plastic on all the windows in prep for the stupid winter.  Stupid winter.

Went to see Jekyll and Hyde up at ECP.  I was definitely impressed.


The usual morning of teaching Sunday School, then service.  Then stuck around to help with the Hanging of the Greens, in prep for the Merion Village Tour of Lights next week.  (Saturday from 6-8.  Bren and I will be in the living nativity playing Mary and Joseph.)

Went to see a movie with my mom.  We saw the Blind Side.  Yeah I went to see it and I friggin loved it.  So there.

Had Stitch and Bitch at my place, which was really just me and Linders and her little ‘un hanging out watching “The Dungeonmaster” while crocheting.  And it was AWESOME!!

And now here I am.  Getting far too tired for only 10PM.  Woot.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend.


  1. I totally spaced on S&B. I am so sorry! Both me and Zachy are sick though, so it's probably better we didn't come.

    And I hope there are pictures of the nativity afterward :) Bren has that biblical hair thing down pat!

  2. No worries Tori!!

    I will certainly post pictures if I get any. Bren and I did it last year; and I think my mom took pictures of that. THe first time my friends at church met Bren they were like..... "Um. Will you be our Joseph? " He laughed and said to me later "At least they didn't ask me to be Jesus at Easter. Like everyone else does" LOL!!