Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm here I'm here!

As usual, I’ve been terrible at updating. 

Let’s see.  I’ve been pumping out crochet projects like nothing else.  I’ve got a lot of new things on my website.  Nothing sold yet, but I’ve been absolutely horrible about marketing myself.  I did “Sell” a few items this week.  Well sort of.  I donated some items to the bazaar at my church and most of them sold!  So I did not profit from it, aside from feeling good about raising some money for the church.  And knowing someone out there is enjoying something I made.   I've been going to Stich n Bitch at Wild Goose on Tuesdays.  I love going there.  I always get a lot accomplished and have a blast talking with the girls there. 

Work is going well.  Going through waves of super busy and super slow.  But still working and loving my job.

Bren is doing well.  Having some health problems, but nothing of great concern, just some minor annoyances.  But over all he’s doing well and still lighting up my life every day.

Theatre-wise things are still nil at the moment.  I was asked to audition for a cabaret type musical thingy next month.  But that’s over a month away yet.  Assuming I am cast I will give details then.  Performances aren’t until February.  I'm kind of enjoying time away from the stage.  I know I'll get restless eventually though.  So I'll enjoy my free time now and when I'm ready, I'll get back on that horse again.

Got my 32nd birthday coming up this month.  It’s not a milestone and nothing to get excited over.  We’ll be taking a small road trip and then spending that Sunday with my family.   That's all I really want.  Maybe a night chilling with some of my friends.

That’s about it really.  So, um…. Check out my site.  Do it.  ;)

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