Friday, November 13, 2009

Bitten by the productive bug

I finally got a big girl bed.  Heh.  A real bed anyway.  A really dang nice one at that and at a dang good price.  A co-worker sold it to me for way less than she’d paid for it and it was still nearly brand new. 

So with that; it started.  I took apart the old bed and had it hogging up space in my office.  You know how I can’t tolerate clutter.  So, I found someone who said they’d take the old one within hours of taking it down!

In the meantime I reorganized my apartment.  Moving furniture around and making space.  Then, last night Brendan and I finally switched entertainment centers.  His is taller and skinner, giving me the room I desperately needed in my living room.  (And mine fits PERFECTLY in his apartment)  So I reorganized some more and have even more room now!  And less crap as we took my old bed to my friend Rachel last night also. 

THEN, I finally got around to moving all my files off my old desktop computer and put them on my laptop, which are now all backed up remotely.  I contacted and I’m taking my old desktop in next week to donate after I format the hard drive.  (Piece of crap hasn’t worked in the last 5 years anyway)  And with that even LESS clutter and ones less eye sore in my apartment. 

My next project that I will be doing next week is….. the basement.   And moving all my crafting things up to my office and making it my craft room/office.  :)

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