Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday theivery

So, I decided to walk to church this morning, being sunny and all and a nice morning. And seeing as how I live 6 blocks away it's kinda silly to drive. Anyhoo, I get one block away from home and I'm walking past the parking lot to the Lutheran Church that sits behind my apartment. I'm looking over at Southwood Elementary in it's renovated glory, admiring it when I heard a crunching noise to my left. I looked over and saw a man halfway in a car window in the parking lot. My first thought was....dumbass locked his keys in the car. Then I saw him pull out two bags and he started looking inside them. Then realized what the hell was happening. And I was about 20 yards away from him in a completely deserted neighborhood. Seriously, there was no one around anywhere and it was maddeningly quiet. He looked up from the bags and made eye contact with me. I froze, then looked down at my feet and started walking on calmly. I'm really not sure why I did that. I mean I had this split second where I was going to yell out to him "what the fuck are you doing?" and run after him. Then I wondered if I should turn around and run home. Should I run to the next house up and bang on the door screaming?

Then it hit me that I'm alone out here, carrying my purse and another tote bag with my Sunday School stuff and this guy knows I just saw him committing a crime. I looked back and didn't see him right away, but regardless took of running like all holy hell. I got about 4 blocks up and looked back and didn't see him anywhere.

I stopped and sat on this stone wall in front of someone's house and caught my breath. I pulled out my cell phone and called 911. Before someone answered I saw the car parked on the street in front of my had also just been broken into. What the fuck is happening here?

This dispatcher answered and I explained what happened. They asked me for a description of the guy and I suddenly realized I'd seen him up close and got a damn good look at him. I gave her the description and told her which direction he was walking, and she said a unit was on the way and asked if I wanted to wait for them and/or give her my name and number. Considering this happened about 50 yards from my door, I declined to give any more information and hung up.

I got to church and told some of my friends what ad happened. More sank in throughout the day. I mean the odds that they caught this guy are slim to nothing. but what if they did? And he knows there was a witness that turned him in?

Eh, like I said the odds they caught the guy are slim to none, and he's probably just a petty thief and was more spooked than I was. I doubt I'll loose sleep over it. Regardless, at church I admit I prayed for the family who had their car vandalized and then offered up some small words for this man. Whatever kind of life he must have that lead him to do something so horrible... he probably needs them just as much. A-hole that he is.

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