Monday, October 19, 2009


I had a great weekend camping. It wasn't too cold or anything. We made s'mores with Peeps, and hot cider with rum. Hiking, campfires and the Fall Festival.

The Festival was nice as always. According to dad this is the 41st year our family(s) have gone. It’s definitely different without  Sharon.  We all missed her, but she was there with us in spirit for sure.

Seemed to be a little less crowded than it’s been in years past. But it was colder this year than it has been the last couple. But it still wasn’t as bad as some other years we’ve gone. I can recall snow a few times and ice other times.

My niece and nephew both had the best time. I remember it being the highlight of my year when I was their age too. They were too adorable.

I took some pictures but all my USB ports stopped working on my laptop so I have no way to upload them right now. * sigh * Another thing I need to get fixed. It’s down a bit on the list. I need to go to the doctor first, then Yuna needs to get to the vet for her shots and a check-up. But the laptop will come before the car for sure.

All in all a good and relaxing trip.  Got all caught up at work today, finally and dind't evenh ave to work over to do it.

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