Monday, September 14, 2009


Whew. Not my bestest job ever, but I did this without a pattern since NONE SEEM TO EXIST ANYWHERE! Well there are plenty of patterns for ridiculously high prices. Sreiously, why would I pay more for the pattern than I would charge for the finished product? That's stupid.  Whatevs.   Either way, the body was just crazy easy. I mean.... it's a rectangle. The arms and legs a little more difficult, but those are just tubes and I know how to crochet tubes. The hands and feet just about killed me, though. I'm not entirely happy with them, but am at a total loss as to how make them any better.

I know I'm impossibly critical of my own work, but his legs are WAY too long.


 (I promise they're the same length though. It's just the angle he's sitting in in this picture)

All my self-critisizm aside, this ain't bad at all for a first attempt and doing it completely blind.

And his buddy:

2009[1].09 patrick

Heh.  He looks like me.  Skinny up top and all fat at the bottom.


  1. Those are adorable! You're getting way too good at this :)

  2. Thanks! Although I think I'm going back to blankets, scarves and purses for awhile. That guy was a real b*tch to make. Hah!