Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Angels and Animals

So this morning when I barely stumbled out of bed, I did the first thing I always do.  Lumber down the stairs to feed the cat, while still half asleep.  This morning Yuna was waiting at the top of the stairs and stood there meowing.  Instead of leading the way down the stairs as usual she just sat there, whining.  I nudged her with my foot saying “ok, let’s go get noms.  Come on, move it kitty, nom time.”  To no avail.  She stood firm.  I tried to step over her and she moved into my way again.  I gave up and reached down to pick her up and carry her fat butt downstairs.  Then I noticed one of my shoes sitting right where I step on the first step down. 

Now, I probably would have just crushed the shoe or something, but there could be a chance it would have tripped me down the stairs.  Yuna was just trying to tell me to be more careful.  So as I sat downstairs snuggling her (like I do every morning) I wondered aloud if my guardian angel was somehow inside my cat.  Hey anything’s possible.

So then I got to work this morning.  I work in one of the really big buildings downtown with lots of shiny windows.  So… naturally there are plenty of dead birds on the sidewalk in front of the building from time to time from flying into the windows.  (I had one fly into one of my windows 20 floors up.  THAT scared me crapless)  Anyway this morning right in front of the revolving door was a tiny little bird just sitting there, breathing really hard and fast.  He was kind of snuggled up like he was in a nest, but on the cement.  My heart hit the floor.  Luckily I had ridden my bike in today so my dress shoes and a pair of socks were in my bag.  So I set my stuff down and pulled out my socks and put them over my hands.  I scooped the little guy up as gently as I could.  He fluttered a bit when I moved him, but only one side of his body.  I’m guessing he paralyzed himself.  Or was just stunned.  Either way I set him down by the tree in front of the building up and away from the sidewalk.  (There is a raised grassy area protected by a cement wall)  As I set him down I noticed about 5 people all staring at me, a security guard came up and looked down at the bird and said “Well this little guy has his guardian angel today.”

As usual I’ve been worrying abut him ever since.  Is he warm enough, should I have left my socks with him, should I have called animal rescue?  Regardless I had to move him, he was so small he would have been stepped on easily.  I doubt he’ll survive, but he’s getting lots of prayers this morning anyway.

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