Tuesday, August 18, 2009


-Hit exhaustion to nearly the point of collapse last week, so I took Friday off.  I just wasn’t sleeping and spread myself too thin during the day all week long.  I slept pretty much all day until evening when I had a show.  Just the one I directed so luckily I didn’t have to be on stage.  Mom and dad came to see my show.  They seemed to dig it.  Mom said she laughed, she cried.   :)

I felt super guilty about taking the day off, but I so needed it.  I really suck at taking a personal day from work. I start feeling so guilty and bad that I can’t really enjoy it.  Blarg. 

-Slept in a bit Saturday, then got breakfast with Bren.  After breakfast we took off for Sandusky to go to Cedar Point for the day.  He’s never been, so in my ongoing goal of taking him places he’s never been, I bought tickets for his birthday, and drove us up there.  We had an absolute blast.  We were too wimpy to ride some of the newer giant rides.  But we had fun watching other people try it. We hit some of the new coasters though, had our screaming thrills.  Just not the brain-scrambling ones.  Heh.  I’m seriously the oldest 31 year old I know. 

-Slept in quite a bit on Sunday, then went to my nephew’s 6th birthday party.  His actual birthday being yesterday the 17th, same day as Bren’s.  (and Bren’s youngest sister.)  Felt REALLY guilty about skipping church.  I hadn’t planned on not going so I didn’t arrange someone to take my Sunday School class.  Heh, oops. 

Then Sunday evening went to see Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Ohio Theatre as part of the CAPA summer movie series.  That was a lot of fun.  Seeing the organist playing before and after the movie and at intermission, that’s how movie going USED to be. 

-Played catch-up at work yesterday and now here I am.  Got a pretty easy week this week for the most part.  I plan to get some work done at home finally.  And start working on costumes for the next show.  It’s an incredibly detailed and complex show costume-wise so there are 4 of us costuming the entire show.  I have a feeling this is going to be a LOT more work than I had anticipated.  * gulp *

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