Friday, August 21, 2009

"Pickle is a funny word, no?"

Everyone has foods they dislike.  Or foods they hate to the point of complete aversion.  Some may stem from bad childhood experiences, lack of exposure, or maybe even genetics.  Or you just plain don’t like it.

I have a few on my list.  And that list has definitely changed over the years.  For example, tomatoes used to completely disgust me.  Now… I eat them right off the vine.  Love ‘em.  Same with mushrooms.  Usually this happens because tastes change.  You eat something with a “forbidden” food and find it’s really not so bad anymore.  

Every now and again, I’ll try eating a disliked food just to see if maybe I’ve changed my mind on it.  9 times out of 10, I still don’t like it.  But there’s that 1 small chance that it could be something amazing I’ve been missing out on, that keeps me trying.  

So at lunch today I got a wrap form Broad Street Bagels.  Pickles come with every order.  I despise pickles.  I always have to catch the guy real quick before he wraps up my order to tell him “no pickle, please.”  Sometimes I don’t get him in time.  Then I’m left with a wrap or sandwich partially soaked in pickle juice.  Gross.  So today was one of those days, I got the pickle accidentally.  I got it back to my office and unwrapped it, grabbed it with a napkin to toss it, but stopped.  For whatever reason, this pickle smelled delicious.  I’ve always kind of liked vinegar-y smelling things.  Just the smell though.  Anything vinegar flavored is just gross to me.  I stopped and thought, maybe it’s time.  It smells so good.  So, I pensively took a bite, chewed twice….. and promptly spit it out onto the floor, sputtering and spitting all over my desk, trying to grab my trashcan to dump the rest of the pickle and continue spitting.  After making some retching and gagging noises, I rinsed my mouth out with cold left over coffee in my mug from this morning.

Oh well.  I guess it was worth a shot.  But now at least I know, I still hate pickles.

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