Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh my god, Nikki. It's PURPLE!

What a weekend.  Over my 3 days off I:

-Had a girls night with my niece!

-Went to see “My Sister’s Keeper” (not as good as the book, but that’s a


-Was in a parade

-Got a massive sunburn.  Worst I’ve had in years.  Seriously it turned purple.

-Saw the famous Delia Bidwell and managed to eat a couple toes without being noticed.

-Finished the “ugly blanket” I’ve been making. (pictures below)

-Stood up with my godson as he was baptized.  I got this certificate with an official seal.  Do I put this on my resume now?

-Took a nap in raging pain from aforementioned sunburn.

-Ate more food than any one person my size should.

-Learned how to do a mail merge

-Watched about 5 movies on DVD (not all at once)

-Slept a LOT.

-Saw “Boy in the Striped Pajamas” and wept like a child.

-Stood in for an actor at a rehearsal and have aforementioned sunburn rubbed and smacked and slightly bruised.  Wept.

-Went to bed far too late for getting up for work this morning.

And now..... it's's ugly..... it's..............THE UGLY BLANKET!!!


I'm not sure why I thought these colors were a good idea.  Eh.


  1. Okay, I actually really like that blanket :)

    And I love that you quoted me lol! Hope it's getting better!

  2. It actually hurt worse today, if that's possible. I was near tears by 3 this afternoon at work. but it's easing up now. I soaked in cold water and smeared oatmeal lotion all over it.

  3. P.S. Glad you like the blanket. :) It's not too ugly. Just...different. Or as Bidwell put it... "socially awkward"