Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just to further prove my dork-ness

Water Bottle Cozy!!!

Standard yarn with sized “I” crochet hook.

Round 1 - Chain 5.  Connect ends with a slip stitch to make a ring.


Round 2 - Chain 3, (this counts as first dc) dc into center of the ring
and around.  15 dc in total (counting chain of 3 at start).  Connect
with slip stitch.


Round 3 - Chain 2.  (this counts as 1 dc) dc 2 twice into each stitch
making 30 dcs in total for second round.  Connect with slip stitch.


For regular sized water bottles (or soda cans!!) move on to round 4.
For larger sized bottle covers add another round after round 3,
repeating the process of 2 dc per stitch making 60 stitches in all.
Then move on to Round 4.  Or for really big cozies add one more row of 2
dc per stitch making a total of 120, then moving on to Round 4.

Round 4 – chain 2 (this counts as first dc).  Dc once into each
stitch making 30 stitches around.  (or 60 or 120 depending on size
choice)  You will notice project curving up.  It may look a little
smaller than a normal water bottle, but it will stretch.  If you’re
worried about fit, slip the first few rows around the bottle of your
choice to see how it fits.  Add or subtract stitches to fit.


Round 5 and up – chain 2 (this counts as first dc).  Dc once into
each stitch making 30 stitches total. (or 60 or 120)  Continue this to
desired height.  Weave in ends.

You can change colors every couple rows for stripes, or make one solid
color.  Or use all different colors with differing row heights!  Be




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