Wednesday, July 29, 2009

File under D for DOI!!

So the big news today is that tanning beds increase your risk of skin cancer by 75%.

Wow, really?!?! Next thing, you're gonna tell me that smoking can increase my risk for cancer too.

Seriously, this is big news? No, it's a big old "DUH!!!" Good lord. Let's think about this; Normally our UV rays are coming from the sun; which is several thousand lightyears away. Stick those rays 3 inches from your skin and...well...DUH!!


A conversation from Monday evening:

Nikki: Come on Joe, I’ll give you a ride.
Joe: Thanks!

Joe climbs in passenger seat, moves umbrella that was sitting on passenger seat to backseat floor.

Nikki: Oh crap, sorry about that. It’s such a mess in here.


Joe looks around.


Joe: Um. (pause ) There’s nothing in here but that umbrella and your purse you just set in the backseat.

(awkward pause)

Nikki: I’m not well.

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