Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At my age...

I'm actually pretty proud of this one:


I sold some pieces yesterday to a co-worker.  That felt so cool!  Made a little money off my obsession.

Oh.  Someone else has been thrilled with my hobby:


I had 2 of her favorite things together here.  Plastic bag and yarn.  She managed to get most of her body inside the bag after I took this and fell asleep.  I love her.

Speaking of my weird cat, she's finally accepted Bren.  And all it took was him tossing a pair of his sweaty stinky socks at her.  To her, this is the finest gift anyone can give.  She spend the night licking them, rolling all over them, and snuggling them.  She loves him now.  So, now there are 3 people in the world she doesn't hate!  Everyone else can pretty much fall off a cliff as far as she's concerned.  Oh Yuna.

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