Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I talked to the vet on the phone this morning and she'd said NotDog is doing pretty well.   I also stopped up at lunch to see her.   She's still a little lethargic, but she is in a weird place with weird smells and lots of noise.  She's eating normally, though which is a REALLY good sign.  They're going to do another blood test this afternoon and see how her kidneys are functioning.  As long as her numbers are lowered on her BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) test I can take her home tonight.  I'll have to continue fluid therapy with her at home a little, but it's pretty easy apparently. 
I'd visited her yesterday at lunch and after work.  She looked better each time I saw her.  Kinda stoned looking and staggering a little, but giving me purrs and little headbutts.  All the VT's at the vet just love her to pieces.  Naturally.  
Things are looking good now.  Fingers crossed she keeps improving over the next few hours.

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