Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Health and Grief

I took a "real age" test. My real age is 2 years younger than my chronological age.  Woot.

I took the initial test for the 200 squats program. I did 200 squats. I guess that means I'm done with the program. I am struggling a tiny bit with the 200 sit-ups though. But I did start at week 3. Considering starting over at week 1.  ( and

I opened the fridge last night and found NotDog's medications. Kinda jolted me. It was very quiet this morning. Yuna knows what's up. She's a big fatty, but she is way smarter than I give her credit for.  I miss having a warm kitty sleeping on my head and face and hogging the pillow forcing me to sleep sideways on the bed.

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