Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NotDog Rhubarb

I took my little girl to the vet yesterday.  She's been acting a bit lethargic and not eating, and loosing weight rapidly.  By the time I got her there she was fur and bones, severely dehydrated and weighed only 4 pounds.  (She's usually around 7.  Tiny cat.)  They did some tests and decided to admit her for 48 hours.  Apparently her Blood Urea Nitrogen levels were off the scale which basically meant her kidneys were shutting down. 

They have no idea what caused it, since this usually only happens in older cats and she's so young.  She could have just been born with bad kidneys and it's catching up to her now, or she could have caught a bug or got an infection, as cats are prone to do.  Either way they're going to pump her up with antibiotics and fluids to continually flush out her kidneys until tomorrow night. 

She was so brave yesterday.  She sat so still while the techs took blood and ran tests on her.  And she was so patient while we waited about 45 minutes in the exam room to get results.  She even sat and looked out the window there, her most favorite thing to do.  She was probably just completely exhausted.


You can see how frighteningly thin she is here. 

So the next day and a half will probably be as emotional last last night was.  I've been a blubbery mess.  I go to sleep every night with her snuggled up on my pillow beside my head, and I wake up every single morning to her chattering and whining to be fed, nuzzling my face and tickling me with her whiskers.  This morning was so painfully quiet.

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