Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My mommy doesn't hit me I'm just clumsy

NotDog is still not quite herself and still very thin.  She's closer though.  But every day it's a new worry.  Now she's having balance issues.  She fell over twice from a standing position.  She wasn't even walking, she just tipped to the side, then hopped back up again looking around like "WTF?"  And she fell off the couch.  (I moved the litterbox up to the kitchen so she's not navigating the basement steps.) 

She's doing ok with her fluid treatments, but she's liking them less now and getting more antsy towards the end.  Still not eating much, but she is eating.  I think she's nauseous.  She acts hungry, but won't eat.

* sigh * I don't know.  I'm still worried.


I completed an entire project in one sitting last night, so that felt pretty cool.  I know Linders would love this one.  The colors are very her.

I had trouble keeping Yuna out of the pictures.  She was all over this one. snuggling it and rubbing her face on it.  Crazy cat.  It seems crocheting is a project we both enjoy.  : )  

I think the colors were called "lemongrass" and "pumpkin".  It's that really thick stuff that's fun to work with


(you can see her paw clutching it at the top there.  "MINE!!")



Yuna, you gotta give it back now.  *GROWL *


  1. Weird about ND's balance.

    Scarf is BEAUTIFUL!! You are a crocheting machine!

  2. I know. I'm calling the vet today to check in and I'll ask about that.

    I know! I can't stop!!! GAH!