Friday, May 15, 2009

Everything is leaking.

So I filled up my gas tank this morning only to have it explode and spill gas everywhere.  Now my shoes and pant legs are soaked in gas and I'm sitting at my desk getting high, and my car is in the shop again.  Luckily the shop jsut called and it was something they messed up last time I had it in.  I'm annoyed they used the wrong part, but glad they fessed up and are fixing it for me free of charge.  Good thing, I gotta come up with some serious cash this week for my car insurance anyway.  Merg.

Anyway I took NotDog in to the vet last night.  It's gotten worse and she's dying.  Sounds like it will be a few months yet, but there is nothing we can do but keep her comfortable and treat her symptoms right now.  Her kidneys are in fact shutting down.  They stopped producing "stuff I can't pronounce or spell" that triggers the bone marrow to make red blood cells.  This has just happened in the last few days, and she's severely anemic now.  They gave me steroids to give her a boost for the time being.

They're hopeful she'll perk up and be ok for awhile.  Possibly a few months yet.  But the damage to her kidneys is permanent and degenerative.  They gave me supplies to boost her up and make her get better in the short term, and stay comfortable and told me things to watch out for.  And when/if she gets to the point that she's miserable or in pain....well.... yeah.

So that's that.

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