Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another Update

I'm completely exhausted in every way possible.  I've had no sleep last week and have barely been home.  I really need to get out of town for awhile, but with the sick cat its not gonna happen for awhile.

So I've had Bren help me out to get the fluid treatments done on NotDog.  I hated every second of it (needles still wig me out), but I used my pleasant voice and cooed at the cat making her feel safe.  Bren helped keep her calm as well.  She does very well with tolerating it until close to the end, when she starts to get a tiny bit antsy.  She seems to do worse with me giving her the oral antibiotics.  She puked them up the first day and fights me like hell from here on.  She hasn't puked since though.  That I've found anyway.  Heh.  

She's eating a little now and seems to have more energy.  She's been waking me up with her incessant squeaking and whining and face batting.  I missed that.

So all in all she looks like she's improving.  I'm starting to relax a little, but being me I'm really afraid to let my guard down yet with her.  She's still not eating normally and still looking emaciated.  But she is starting to act like her old self again, thank God.  She's sitting right next to me, sleeping with her head on my leg and purring madly right now even.  :)

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