Friday, April 17, 2009


Maybe I shouldn't be posting when I'm sad.  I've been given lectures from friends on that before. 

I was driving in to work today and my thoughts turned to Sharon, my "other mom" as I've called her.  It's been just over a year since she passed away from Breast Cancer.  And I was thinking of our camping trips and all and smiling to myself, when it hit me.  I can't remember what her laugh sounded like.  I can still see her face and her smile.  I can hear her voice a little.  But not the laugh.

I guess that's normal, maybe.  I really miss her though.


  1. Big hugs for Nikki :) I feel that way about my grandfather a lot, especially now that my dad and uncle both look so much like him.

  2. Thanks. Funny you say that, sometimes I really feel like I miss my grandfathers. But they both passed away before I was born so I never actually met them.