Friday, April 24, 2009

Plight of the aging

So I sat down last night wondering why all of a sudden I'm having all sorts of problems with my health and body.  Seriously, I've always had astoundingly good health and almost never went to a doctor.  Now I've developed adult allergies, which is totally foreign to me, I'm having back problems, and now worst yet; I'm having my first ever root canal on Monday.  I've always had great dental health too, and now....I'm falling apart at my seams!!


As I was pondering this last night it hit me.  I'm just getting old.  Although my dentist told me that the tooth that died did so because of how badly I grind my teeth.  He's been warning me of this for years and I never listened.  The tooth that died was literally worn down to a completely smooth surface and down almost to the roots.  (Yeah.  That bad.)  He asked if I had more stress in my life recently that is causing me to grind my teeth so badly.  I just laughed.


So that’s it then.  I’m officially old.  Well I HAVE been crocheting a lot lately. 


If anyone needs me I’ll be in my rocker.


  1. Park that rocker next to my bed lady :) We can lay around and be decrepit (sp?) together lol.

  2. LOL! Yeah, but you have a good excuse. You have a hooman growing inside you. I just have that alien that lives in my stomach.