Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Theatre Roulette opens Thursday.  Here's some details:


It's funny when I direct, I get more nervous about opening nights than when I'm acting.  I think it's because once the show is up and running I have very little control over anything anymore. 

Anyway, I can't recall if I've said much about the one act show I directed for this year's festival or not.  If I did, ignore this.  This show is called Cold Breakfast, it's a one man show for the most part.  Basically, the stage is set with a table and 4 chairs, and in 3 of the chairs sit mannequins.  Creepy, creepy mannequins.  Then Man comes in and proceeds to eat breakfast with them and converse with them via a pre-recorded conversation with a wife and 2 children on a cassette player.  It is very eerie and VERY moving as Man slowly looses it.  Anyway, don't want to spoil it.  Once the video trailer is posted online I'll link to it here, so you can see it.  (We make video trailers, like movie trailers, for all our Roulette shows.)

Also this year I'm working in the booth for one of the nights of shows.  For non-theatre folk that means I'm the one hiding up in the back inside the tech booth making all the lights and sounds happen.  7 years with MadLab and this is the first time I've run the booth.  Honestly, I'm even more nervous about that.  It's nerve-wracking!!  Not to mention, difficult to do with only 2 hands.  Eh, I've run booth in other theatres, so it's not like I've never done this before.  But they're all different.  And it's been awhile, too.

I'm also going to be acting for 2 nights in our late night semi-monthly "3 in 30" series.  We put up 3 one act plays in 30 days every other month.  Written in 2 weeks, rehearsed in 2 weeks and performed in 30 minutes.  The one I'm acting in is pretty cool.  It's basically about 2 people diagnosed with the same disease and how differently they react to it.  I'm pretty excited to be on stage.  I want to get my fill in before I retire from acting.  Do as much as I can.  These shows go up May 8th and 9th at 10PM.  At the Lab, of course.

That's pretty much my life at the moment.  Getting these shows up and running.  Then, VERY short break, then on to the next set of shows.  And so it goes.

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