Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finicky little child

I finally canceled the insurance for Yuna at her vet's office today.  It's an annual plan though and I still have 2 months left so I gotta pay out the year.  Merg.  Either way, I'm glad to be leaving this particular vet.  I can't recall if I posted much of the drama with them on this blog or not, but it's just been an ordeal.  I loved having insurance, but it sure as heck didn't cover much outside the shots.  * sigh *  They did not treat her very nicely and I'm sorry but this is my kid here.  Granted she is..... aloof.  Ok she's a b*tch.  I can see that.  But that's what makes her so dang adorable.  She's just a big fluffy ball of love, and she's great to me and loved my ex-husband.  She pretty much hates the rest of the world.  She's had her moments with Bren where she's let him pet her.  Briefly.  And usually only if he's feeding her. 

Regardless I found a vet highly recommended by a lot of people in Columbus and it's a VERY friendly place.  And cheap, thankfully.  I gotta get NotDog in to a vet soon too.  It's been longer than I can admit out loud since she's been.  But she's healthy and happy so I'm not terribly worried. 

Anyway, just to round out my post, here's a picture of my beloved Yuna.  Showing us how she got her nickname of Fatty McFatterson.


I swear all she needs is a beer in front of her and a remote.  God I love that cat.

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