Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I finished a baby blanket with a new stitch I learned.

I gotta start using my camera and not my phone. These pictures are pure crap. You can kind of see the color in the other pictures down below, but still not very well. It's a very intense vermilion red.  (For you nerds out there its color # FF000 in HTML) Not your typical baby blanket color I know. But since when have I done anything normal?

I was amazed how easy this stitch was to learn by reading a pattern. (Something I completely suck at) I got this one done very quickly too. I could probably do a full sized adult blanket in less than a month at my usual speed. Which is pretty damn fast actually, but only when I have the time and energy to spend on it. Time, I got. Energy, not so much.



Still not the best likeness of the colors. This one looks too dark, like brick red.  Which it's not.



And this just looks kinda pink.  Bleh.  but you get the idea.




I'm working on a scarf with this stitch now on some incredibly soft wool.


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