Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And the student becomes the teacher

So Bren finally bought a vehicle.  A giant truck he so desperately needed.  Well he desperately need a vehicle period, but havingsomething that can haul flats and set pieces from the scene shop to the theatre has been much needed as well.  So we went to pick it up last night.  It really was a great deal and he couldn't pass it up.  Even though he can't drive it.  Heehee, yeah. 

The truck is a stick shift and he doesn't know how to drive a manual transmission.  I have to giggle at this.  But, luckily his totally awesome and amazing girlfriend knows how to drive such a vehicle, so I drove it home for him last night.  I kinds felt like a midget driving a semi truck.  That thing is huge.  But it drove great and handled ok.  I gave him his first lesson last night in the empty parking lot behind the Lennox center.  He did pretty well actually.  Considering it was dark and raining.  Heh.  Still stalled out a bit, but he'd getting it.  I think he'll learn a lot faster than I did.

Regardless, yes mom; all the pain and suffering involved in my learning to drive on a stick shift paid off.  :)  But at least his truck has power steering.

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